5 Smart Gift Ideas to Attract Attendees in an Exhibition

5 Smart Gift Ideas to Attract Attendees in an Exhibition

A trade exhibition is a place where exhibitors make a lasting impression on attendees with the most stunning displays. It gives an excellent platform to showcase the latest products and services. To make the best use of these events, exhibition booth construction Munich must ensure that audience remembers their brand. The best way to do that is by offering promotional gifts to build a lasting relationship between the client and the company.

But, how to know which promotional item is best for your business? Well, anything meaningful and useful can solve your problem. Here are 5 most attractive giveaway ideas to impress clients in your upcoming show.

Useful smartphone wallets

Visitors will be more than happy to keep a useful gift such as a smartphone wallet. These can be used to store smartphones, cash, credit cards, and IDs. It makes an impact on the visitor especially frequent travelers who need to carry everything on the run. Make sure your custom logo is printed in a way that it doesn’t mess up with the design of the wallet. Other similar giveaway options are tab & laptop covers, mobile wallets, laptop skins, and tab pouches.

Popular Power Banks

Power banks or USB chargers are one of the most popular promotional gifts used by exhibitors in trade events. It suits all budgets and is extremely convenient to use. For those who are constantly occupied on phone, these chargers are life-savers. Make sure you have enough supplies and storage to keep the items securely in your exhibition stand. Ask your modular exhibition stand design for great storage to securely keep all the giveaway items.

Simple sunglasses

Most of the exhibitions take place during summer and what can be as good as a simple pair of sunglasses. Remember, summer is the time when everybody worries about protecting their skin and eyes from ultraviolet rays. So, make sure you invest in a good pair of shades to attract visitors to the stand. The visitors are going to love this quirky giveaway and will be excited to use them once they get back to their hotel pool.

Eco-friendly water bottles

Another most useful promotional gift item is an eco-friendly water bottle that can be used by attendees for several months. By showcasing audience that your brand supports eco-friendly items, you can create long-term relationships with your clients. Reusable water bottles create a lasting awareness about the brand and are beneficial for every audience visiting the show.

Inventive Digital Rewards

The digital reward is an interesting giveaway item that almost every attendee loves to have. It is mainly popular among youngsters and techies who eye for such prospects from the time they enter the event. The list of digital reward items includes free music downloads, eGift cards, discounts, coupon codes, eBook downloads, digital movie downloads, and much more. It is an inexpensive gift option with a large perceived value. You can present this reward through a printed card with your brand logo on it.

Remember you are not the only exhibitor presenting freebies to attendees. There are hundreds of brands giving out free items to every attendee visiting their stand. So, be thoughtful while choosing a promotional item to stick in the memories of customers for long.

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