6 Ways to Maximize Footfall at your Exhibition Stand

6 Ways to Maximize Footfall at your Exhibition Stand

Impressive displays, flashy lighting, and hundreds of onlookers- An exhibition is a great place to gain exposure and meet potential clients. Trade events are attended by buyers, traders, customers, students, reviewers, and many more in large numbers. It gives the best stand builder immense opportunities to display and make maximum impact on attendees. Here are some simple ways to improve traffic at your stand in an upcoming show.

Plan your show in advance

Right from attending conferences to running campaigns, the planning for exhibition display must begin long before the show to help gain popularity well in advance. It is an outstanding way to connect with existing customers before the event. You can let your existing clientele know about the expo participation through e-mailers, promotions, electronic media, social media, conferences, etc.

Offer thoughtful freebies

Be kind in offering freebies to clients who are genuinely interested in your products. Free gifts such as corporate pens and mugs are totally unoriginal and can actually disappoint the client. You can stand out from your competitors by offering clients some quirky gifts such as corporate headphones, Bluetooth devices, laptop skins, sunglasses, portable chargers, and more. Make sure you have your company’s name printed on it.

Design a great exhibition stand

Whether you are selling, marketing, or improving your company image, the look and feel of your stand play a very important role in determining your brand value. Team up with professional modular exhibition stands to give a really stylish look to your show stand. If you have a good budget, invest in a bigger-looking stand, customized according to the brand’s requirement.

Be life of the show

Make your presence felt in the show with the help of a creative display and active staff. Enjoy every moment and be interactive with attendees. Your competitors are around you so make some noise and be heard. You can throw an after-party to make some good contacts and become friends with other participants. Nothing beats a great look and fun surroundings especially when you are at an exhibition.

Create a buzz with the giveaway

Give something as simple as a free t-shirt to every attendee passing by your stand to create a buzz among visitors. Offering something people would love to wear or use will help you gain instant fame in the show. If you’re thinking why anybody would wear your gifted t-shirt at the after-party, tell them you will buy a beer if they do so and half of your problem is solved.

Make a video of your latest launch

Why not make a video of your latest product? Every brand talks about its company and showcases the products they have recently launched. You too can throw a cool video about your brand and impress attendees while creating a buzz among buyers. Make sure the video is created by a professional video editor because only an interesting audio-visual can attract the audience's attention.

Please think out of the box

As per a record, an exhibition stand design partner in Poland once created a fancy pop-up display with the help of a local zoo and brought two live birds similar to the one on their brand logo at their show booth. They used bird-themed flyers to catch the audience's attention. You can also plan your next show similarly. Just be unique and think out of the box.

Once the planning is done, reach out to an experienced stand support company to get in touch with the best designers for a powerful performance in an upcoming event.

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