8 Simple Tips for Your Exhibition Stand Design

8 Simple Tips for Your Exhibition Stand Design

The design and look of your exhibition stand are the main elements that contribute to the success of your event. This is why it is crucial to add a wow factor to your custom exhibition booth design and create a strong first impression on visitors. The look of an exhibition stand is the deciding factor on whether attendees approach your stand, or walk straight past it.

First impressions are really important so strive to make a good one so you don’t lose those potential customers to your competitors. If done correctly, exhibiting can be very profitable and productive for your brand. While planning to exhibit, the biggest decision will be to choose the design of your exhibition stand. And it is very crucial to get every element of your exhibition stand right to ensure it creates a strong impression on potential customers and stands out from your competitors.

Here we have mentioned some simple tips that will help you in delivering a professional and outstanding exhibition stand to your audience.

Keep it Simple

It’s important that your audience is faced with an approachable and easy-to-understand design while walking past rows and rows of exhibition stands. It is advised to keep your exhibition stand layout and design simple and clear and don’t overload it. In case your exhibition stand appears cluttered then its message will be ambiguous and visitors may avoid your stand.

Select Suitable Exhibition Display

Among thousands of exhibition stand designs, keep in mind to choose the type of exhibition stand designer that best suits your needs. It is crucial that your exhibition stand is fit for purpose, effective, flexible, and versatile.

You can use portable display solutions which are one of the most cost-effective and versatile display options including pop-up displays, roller banners, and printed tablecloths. Another option is using modular exhibition stands that are versatile display solutions and can fulfill your business and marketing needs. One type is custom exhibition stands that can be designed uniquely as per your requirements.

Focus on Height

First, confirm the maximum height allowance for exhibition stands at your exhibition venue. Most of the exhibition venues only allow exhibition stands up to 4m high, while some also allow the use of hanging structures suspended from the ceiling along with the exhibition stand. The Higher your exhibition stand, the more the chances of getting noticed. Hanging structures are the perfect branding solution that enables you to be seen even from across the exhibition hall.

Carefully Place Your Marketing Message

Make sure to locate your marketing message at the top of your exhibition stand. Also, your message should be clear and easy to read. If you place your marketing message in the bottom section of your exhibition stand then it may get missed by the visitors. Try to incorporate large imagery of high resolution in your stand and keep the imagery relevant to your brand and your message. Avoid using low-resolution images as they will become grainy, and pixelated when printed in a large format and will give an unprofessional look.

Add Audio Visual Equipment

A great way to engage with visitors is to add interesting audio and video content to your exhibition stand. This will give you a chance to offer some interesting information about your products and business without spending a lot on expensive marketing literature. You can also add interactive touchscreen technology to your exhibition stand or install iPad stands to provide access to a wide range of interesting data, videos, images, and websites to your visitors.

Make The Most Of Your Graphics

Your exhibition stand’s graphics are what deliver your brand message, so ensure that they represent your brand in a professional and positive way. Never overdo it with words, instead use imagery and short snappy messages for your graphic design. This will have the impact you need to attract visitors. Try delivering a clear message with few words and effectively. Use large fonts for your graphics that can be seen from a distance and always remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Don’t Leave Out Key Information

There are many things that your exhibition graphics must have such as your logo, which is the identity of your brand. Without the logo, people won’t recognize your brand. Also, your strapline and brand message should be eminent parts of your exhibition design. These will convey what you deliver or have to offer to visitors and without this, people won’t know what you do.

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