Effective Marketing Strategies for your Next Exhibition

The key to any successful exhibition marketing strategy is preparation. There are so many details to address, from the design of your stand, to the exhibition services you require and the products or services you are going to showcase. Here are the few hacks that help you to make your show a huge success.

Rule of the thumb – Plan Well Ahead of the Time

Start planning your trade show booth well ahead of the scheduled time, sometimes as much as one year in advance as some things fall into place while others fall through. Having enough time allows you to comfortably cover different areas and prepare yourself for potential scenarios that might happen so that you can consider various options prior to the date. Advance planning makes life easier & avoids additional expenses and last-minute panic. This sort of mental exercise is also invaluable for indirectly catching something you’ve missed. However, if you waste some time, you are going to miss something very urgent. So, hiring the services of exhibition stand partners will be a big help.

Uniform Budget

There are varieties of variables that go into developing an exhibition stand. One of the important variables is budget, without a uniform budget it is very difficult to gauge your expectations. The type, length, location, attendance, and scope of shows vary significantly and directly correlate to the amount of budget you want to allocate to have a presence at a given event. Setting a budget for your exhibition stand builder will help you keep control of costs, you can also have adequate funding for your event marketing initiatives. Plan out all the variables that come with the trade show to get the uniform budget.
While planning your budget figure out each part of your event that could potentially incur a cost. You can get a more accurate budget versus one that simply includes the bigger pieces of an event.

Exhibition Graphic

Exhibition graphic is a very important element in the exhibition stand design, catches eyeballs in the exhibition and disseminate the message that you want to communicate about your company and products to the visiting attendees. As you know large format printing is very expensive, hence exhibit labels must be 100% error free. Proof reading is very essential to make it right the very first time. Very often, we tend to overlook the importance of the graphic that goes with the stand, usually due to deadline constraints. A thorough proofread can make the difference between an outstanding graphic and a mediocre graphic.

There are a lot of things to consider while designing graphic for your vendors. First one is to know whether the graphic is going to be used for one time or multiple numbers of times. Your decision matters a lot, as it is not just about your logo, it’s about the substrate your vendor will print on the physical booth; conveying your message visually; building interest in your offering and engaging visitor.

Do the final proofread before it hit the press as any sizing or resolution mistake or colour mismatch can damage the company reputation over the sea of generic stands. Last-minute changes can be a costly expense might delay freight on the show floor.

Train Your Staff with a Sales Script

To attain a positive result, train your sales team and create behavior profiles for your customers. Never invade their personal space anytime with a canned “Can I help you?” Train them on how to qualify visitors. While conversing with the attendees judge whether they are productive and if the visitor is actually interested in your products. Your exhibition stand contractors can help you to attain the desired result for your exhibition.


Introspection helps in revealing extraordinary insights for your upcoming exhibitions. What did you learn from the last exhibition? Which aspect of your stand design were your visitors most responsive towards? Which aspect were they the least responsive towards?
Discovering the answers to these questions will help to bring the desired result. Working on these objectives like strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your show will help your exhibition partner in Germany to achieve a much better result next time.

Radon is the leading exhibition stand design partner in Poland, delivering exceptional valuable exhibition stand experiences worldwide. With the right exhibition space design and execution, you can grab more eyeballs during the show.

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