Modular Exhibition Stands is the best choice in terms of cost effectiveness

Modular Exhibition Stands is the best choice in terms of cost effectiveness

When planning an exhibition marketing campaign, one of the major and key decisions is to choose a modular exhibition stand or a custom exhibition stand. Both custom and modular exhibition stands have their advantages and disadvantages. It completely depends upon your requirement as to what objectives you want to achieve. It is just like being two sides of the same coin, the difference is in its reusability, eco-friendliness, low storage, and transportation cost. A combination of affordability, flexibility, adaptability, and convenience makes the modular stands most preferred among the other stands. These qualities help you to make a sensible middle-ground option between modular and custom stands. Modular stands have changed the way brands exhibit in the past.

Not aware of to what set of qualities can be used to your favor. Then, hiring the services of an exhibition stand design company will help to strategies your marketing objectives.
Here are the few advantages of installing a modular exhibition stand.

Modular Exhibition Stands Are Reusable

A modular exhibition stand is an adaptable, multipurpose variant of exhibition stands. You can add as many elements to your stand to give a personnel touch to your brand and reconfigure it for all future stand spaces.

These stands are made out of aluminum and metal connectors to withstand the wear and tear of several shows. You can easily dismantle and store it without shelling out extra money. It’s a one-time investment and offers higher ROI in the longer run.

Eco-friendly or Environment-friendly Option

As we are racing towards global warming at a massive rate, it has become the duty of the company to take concrete steps to safeguard resources. Leading brands are taking the green initiatives options and opting for the exhibition stand design companies.

There is no carpentry, painting, or polishing involved in the assembly of the modular stand. The installation and dismantling process is clutter-free and pollution-free. Your exhibition stand contractor can have one configuration for a particular show and then change it for another.

Easy to Store and Transport

Transporting and packing an exhibition stand is a very costly affair. You always look for such a stand, which is built for convenience. In this race, modular exhibition stands are well ahead. It can be compressed to fit in compact boxes, reducing your storage and transport costs. Modular stands are easy-to-use and do not necessarily require technical assistance for assembly and dismantling. Ask your exhibition stand contractor to install it for you.

Perfect for both Raw and Shell Scheme Stall

Modular stands are highly versatile and are perfect for both shell and raw scheme stalls. It can easily adapt to the changing space dimensions on the floor and have unlimited design possibilities.

All these examples are enough to prove that modular stands are a practical, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient option. If you have any plan to exhibit in the future, contact Radon a leading exhibition stand contractor in Barcelona to install a stand of your dream. Our team can help you to maximize visibility in a crowded exhibition space on the floor. We know how to grow your corporate identity stronger and lead you above the competition.

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