Upcoming Exhibitions in Germany

Upcoming Top 5 Exhibitions in Germany

Germany is the top destination for exhibits in Europe. It hosts about two-thirds of the most prestigious exhibitions and events worldwide. All of the major European trade routes crossed Germany during the medieval era. What started as a geographical exception centuries ago, has developed into bands of expertise and pioneer position in the modern global economy. 

For entrepreneurs, SMEs, and well-known companies to establish their presence and strengthen their business networks, the nation opens doors to commercial prospects. 

By participating in a trade fair in Germany, you can increase your sales and expand your presence in the market. You need to get some of the best exhibition stand contractors in Germany like RADON SP Z.O.O. to build unique and customised stand designs for your business.

Here is a list of trade shows where you can take part and gain commercial advantages. 

The Munich Show 2024

Dates: 24 - 27 October 2024
Venue: Munich Trade Fair Center, Munich, Germany

The Munich Show 2024 (aka Mineralientage München) is the largest trade fair for minerals, gemstones, fossils, and jewellery in Europe. It attracts gemstone and jewellery businesses, mineral collectors, fossil enthusiasts, and curators. Over 25,000 visitors come to explore the minerals, fossils, gemstones and rough stones showcased by 1,000+ exhibitors.   

Professionals from the industry gather at this trade show to network, showcase products, and discover new trends in the gemstones and jewellery industry. Visitors can find a huge number of displays of stunning minerals, exquisite jewellery, and fascinating fossils. This prestigious event is no less than a treasure for gemstones and rough stones collectors and enthusiasts.

Glasstec Trade Fair 2024

Dates: 22 - 25 October 2024
Venue: Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany

Glasstec Trade Fair is a prestigious event for the glass industry. It focuses on everything related to glass technology. It brings together glass manufacturers, processors, architects, engineers, window and facade specialists, and automotive industry professionals.

Almost 30,000 visitors come to this trade fair to explore the products showcased by almost 1000 exhibitors. Exhibitors showcase the latest innovations in glass production, processing, and finishing. Visitors can discover innovative machinery, materials, and applications for glass in construction, architecture, automotive, and other industries.

MEDICA Trade Fair 2024

Dates: 11 - 14 November 2024
Venue: Messe Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany

MEDICA Trade Fair leading medical event that brings together healthcare professionals, medical technology companies, and healthcare providers. More than 83,000 visitors come to explore the medical products and innovations showcased by 5,300 exhibitors from almost 70 countries. 

Exhibitors at this fair showcase a vast array of medical equipment, devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical products. This trade fair is an excellent platform for Doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare IT professionals to gain a professional edge. They can learn about the latest advancements in medicine, network with industry leaders, and discover innovative solutions for patient care at this fair.

Electronica Germany 2024

Dates: 12 - 15 November 2024
Venue: Trade Fair Center Messe München, Munich, Germany

Electronica Germany is a global platform for the electronics industry. It attracts electronics manufacturers, engineers, distributors, researchers, and developers from around the world working in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, and more. 70,000+ visitors from 102 countries come to explore the electronic products and innovations showcased by 2,100+ exhibitors from 51 countries. 

Exhibitors showcase cutting-edge electronic components, systems, and technologies. Visitors explore the latest trends in semiconductors, displays, printed circuit boards, and other electronic components used in various industries. With 350+ press representatives from 32 countries, this trade fair achieves a media reach of 77 million impressions. 

Smart Production Solutions 2024

Dates: 12 - 14 November 2024
Venue: NürnbergMesse, Nuremberg, Germany

Smart Production Solutions is a dedicated event for the automation industry. It focuses on the future of manufacturing. It attracts more than 50,000 highly qualified visitors including manufacturing business owners, production managers, engineers, IT professionals, and individuals interested in smart and efficient manufacturing solutions.

More than 1,200 national and international exhibitors showcase innovative technologies for Industry 4.0, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Visitors can learn about ways to optimise their production processes, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

ISPO Munich 2024

Dates: 3 - 5 December 2024
Venue: Messe München Exhibition Center, Munich, Germany

The ISPO Munich trade fair caters to the global sporting goods industry. It attracts sporting goods manufacturers, retailers, distributors, athletes, and sports federations. Many prominent brands and manufacturers showcase the latest innovations in sports apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories. 

Visitors can find sporting products across various sports like winter sports, outdoor, fitness, and more. It's an excellent platform for retailers, distributors, and industry professionals to network, discover trends, and source new products. 

FOOD & LIFE 2024

Dates: 27 November - 1 December 2024
Venue: Fairground Munich, Munich, Germany

The Food & Life trade fair focuses on the food and beverage industry in Europe. It brings together food and beverage manufacturers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs, chefs, and food service professionals. 

Exhibitors showcase a wide range of products, from ingredients and food processing technologies to finished food and beverages. It's a brilliant platform for food manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and restaurateurs to connect, discover new trends, and source innovative food products.


Dates: 16 - 19 January 2025
Venue: Messe Hannover, Hannover, Germany

DOMOTEX trade fair is a global hub for the carpet and floor coverings industry. It attracts carpet and flooring manufacturers, distributors, retailers, interior designers, architects, and builders. More than 1000 exhibitors showcase a vast array of carpets, rugs, hard flooring solutions, and related accessories.

Professionals from manufacturing, distribution, and retail gather to meet, connect and network They get to learn about new materials and technologies, and source products for homes and commercial spaces.

BAU Munich 2025

Dates: 13 - 17 January 2025
Venue: Trade Fair Center Messe München, Munich, Germany

BAU Munich Trade Fair is a premier event for the architecture, building, and construction industry. It brings together architects, engineers, construction professionals, building product manufacturers, distributors, developers, and real estate investors from across the world.  More than 2,200 exhibitors from 49 countries showcase than products and innovations to 190,000+ visitors. 

Exhibitors showcase innovative building materials, construction technologies, and solutions across various sectors. Architects, engineers, construction professionals, and building product manufacturers gather to network, learn about the latest trends, and source new products and technologies. 

Ambiente Frankfurt 2025

Dates: 7 - 11 February 2025
Venue: Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

The Ambiente Frankfurt is a leading consumer goods trade fair that showcases a vast array of products for the home and living sector. It attracts retailers, wholesalers, designers, buyers, and manufacturers in tableware, kitchenware, home décor, gifts manufacturing and supplying industries. More than 96500 visitors come to explore the products and offerings showcased by 4000+ exhibitors.

Exhibitors present a wide range of items, including tableware, kitchenware, home décor, gifts, and personal care items. Retailers, wholesalers, designers, and buyers gather to discover new trends, source products, and network with industry professionals.

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