Are you planning to exhibit at a trade fair and have no idea what booth space you should book? Worry not, as in this blog, you will discover the answer to this question and additional information to achieve success through your participation.

Every industry follows a different style of working and in the same fashion, displays products on different sizes of trade show booths. 

For example, in a food business, the trade show booth can have a product display, a sampling area and a customer interaction spot, while in a medical equipment business, the exhibit can also include areas for demonstrations and seating. 

What can be the ideal booth size for a trade show?

Trade shows take place in different cities and countries. Hence, for European countries, a standard stand size will be 30 SQMT, and for the USA, it will be 10X20.

These are standard sizes because they acquire a customary space for your visitors to move around and observe your products and services in a comprehensive manner. You get an option to incorporate visitor spots through these standard sizes.

The size can grow as per your products and custom elements. An exhibition booth builder can avail stand sizes of your choice and create them with a design that boldly represents your brand. The 10X20 series includes stand sizes like 20X20, 20X30, 30X30 and more.

What layout can I select?

  • Linear booth

Linear booths are open from one side and considered most suitable for limited product displays.

Benefit: It is a booth that is perfect for small teams that want to showcase a smaller number of products and require limited space at the trade show. It fits easily and is one of the most affordable options.

Drawback: It is an appropriate option for those who require minimal branding at the trade show. It can fit only a few people at a time and can seem compact at times.

  • Peninsula Booth

It is a booth that requires sufficient space and is open on three sides so that visitors can enter the booth and observe products carefully.

Benefit: It has clear signage for the visitors and could fit many people at once. It offers you a chance to incorporate several spots through different corners and you could display a wide range of products at these spots.

Drawback: As it is open on three sides, the fourth side remains attached to a wall or other booth. Hence, limited customizations can be made in this design.

  • Island Booth

It is a booth that is spacious and open from all sides so that the visitors at a trade show get more engaged in your products and services.

Benefit: Island booth can be customized as per your creativity and key components that you want to add as per your business. It has more space for your visitors and your team.

It can be a perfect booth for those who are showcasing a wide range of services and want to make their participation larger.

Drawback: Island booths require more space and can be an expensive choice at times.

With these most-required exhibition booth layouts, you could plan your trade show participation in an effective manner. An exhibition stand design company can help you get these layouts for modular and custom stands.

What size should I choose for my trade show exhibit?

Considering the standard sizes, the power of selecting a trade show booth size is in your hands. You could go with a size that seems convenient to you and has the potential to achieve your trade show participation objectives.

It also depends on the factors like variety and size of your products, team size, seating and interaction spots etc. that you will need in your exhibit.

A factor to which you might need to pay attention is to get a booth that has clear pavement for your visitors. Attendees at a trade show avoid crowded areas and if your booth looks cramped, it may divert visitors to other booths.

Furthermore, it might become difficult to find a booth builder that is willing to help you design a smaller booth. Also, a small booth size can become an expensive solution for you and fluctuate your trade show booth budget.

How can I get help from a trade show stand builder?

If you are searching for an exhibition stand builder and fabricator in Europe, Radon can help you create and get all types of booths such as custom booth design, etc. It is an expert turnkey stand service provider in all major cities in Europe and the UK. 

It is a one-stop destination for all of your exhibition stand needs as they have an in-house team of professionals to avail your services like stand design, graphics, printing, fabrication, shipping, and storage.

If this interests you, feel free to connect with us (RADON SP Z O.O.) and get a consultation regarding your exhibition stand size.

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