What is the right size for exhibition stand at trade show?

What is the right size for exhibition stand at trade show?

Exhibition stand designs hold an importance in today’s time like never before. They are more than merely stack holding appliances that they used to be solely used for. In today’s time the trade show booth is the face of the company that it is designed for. The first impression of the company that the visitors receive is through the trade show booth. Exhibition stand designer have a tough competition in the market to prove their uniqueness. 

There are several designs available in the market to choose from. From custom exhibition booth to modular exhibit, double decker stand and country pavilion, there is a huge list of variety available in modern day designs. It sometimes becomes difficult to choose from a variety of designs. Similar is the case with sizes. Trade show booths are available in a variety of sizes. From ranging as small as 10x10 booth you can find a range of exhibition booths like 20x20 booth, 30x30 booth, 40x40 booth and more. Particularly there is no set design or size for a particular type of show. It is completely dependent on the requirement of the exhibitor and its goals to choose the variety and size of the exhibition stand.

Modern day has exceptional competitive challenges. To meet them, exhibition stand contractors have found innovative ways to design their stands. There are a lot of innovative ways and strategies which can make a trade show booth more welcoming and eye catching. Some exhibitors use high end technology like beacons, projections, interactive floor, AR/VR etc. to enhance the look of booth while others use a strategy of giving away freebies to grab more traffic at the booth. All-in-all a lot of unique methods are adopted by the exhibitors to keep them ahead in the competition in the market. 

Some exhibition stand designs are highly innovative while others are superior in quality and standards and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose that one name that can fulfill all your requirements within budget. The custom exhibition booth builders that can provide you the best possible solution by meeting your specifications and requirements is not an easy part. It requires careful consideration to come up with trade show booth ideas that can make an exhibitor feel that they can ensure a hassle-free event by partnership with you. 

Generally, the choice meets the thought when you are able to primarily figure out the booth dimension and type. If you are choosing a smaller space like a 10x10 booth or 20x20 booth, you will need an exhibition stand designer that can play with your vision and bring about creative solutions. A smaller booth requires intricacies to be studied and an intelligent use of space. It is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea to come up with such ideas that can use the space intelligently while keeping it spacious to let the booth feel uncluttered. You have more choice when you go for a bigger booth like 30x30 or 40x40 booth design. You can plan a pantry or separate presentation area as per your requirement. Hence, we can find that there is no particular right size for the booth rather it completely depends on your specifications and need that which size will best suit your purpose. 

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