Bausalon Pirmasens 2024

Renewable Energy
02 February 2024 - 04 February 2024
Germany | Pirmasens

If you are from building, energy and furnishing industry then Pirmasenser BauSalon is for YOU! The upcoming trade fair will welcome numerous experts from February 2 to February 4, 2024, at Messe Pirmasens GmbH Germany. The focused range of products will be solar or photovoltaic systems, doors, rooftops, furniture, renewable sources electricity production, renovation of houses etc.

The trade show is a customer-oriented exhibition where exhibitors will present their company and attracts visitors of similar minds. This is a digital real estate marketing event where building technology specialists will come to show their innovations in the building industry. 

The exhibitors will belong from categories like furniture, furnishings, basement and kitchen innovation, non-slippage bathrooms, etc. You need to hire an exhibition stand builder in Germany to meet with numerous experts belonging to the energy-saving and furnishing industry.

Explore the benefits and other related information about Pirmasenser BauSalon;

  • As an exhibitor, you will be benefited from free advertising of your company in front of builders, real estate owners and craftsmen. The event will help you to extend your connections and make valuable networks with the customers.
  • This is the best event where exhibitors and visitors will come with the same minds and find a scope of developments in photovoltaic systems. 100+ exhibitors will showcase their products to 10000+ visitors. The exhibitors will offer smart home solutions in a feel-good atmosphere so it is the right place to find potential customers for your business. 
  • Exhibitors will convince house renovation experts to make collaborations with them for a lifetime. The visitors can check out the latest trends and attractive spatial designs to make lively changes in their business. This is an event for making contacts, gathering inspiration and offering the latest innovations to potential visitors.
Trade fair location
Bausalon Pirmasens 2024

Messe Pirmasens GmbH, Pirmasens, Germany.

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