Professional Mobile Radio
28 November 2023 - 30 November 2023
Germany | Cologne

PMRExpo is a trade fair focused on professional mobile radio (PMR) communications. It is held almost every year in Berlin, Germany. The key objectives of PMRExpo are to strengthen the PMR industry and foster collaboration between manufacturers, network operators, system integrators, and customers utilizing PMR systems.

PMR radio systems are used by various organizations for secure and reliable wireless communication, including public safety agencies, military, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing industries. 

PMRExpo features exhibitors showcasing the latest PMR radio technologies, systems, and solutions from the PMR industry. This includes companies focused on 5g and further networking, two-way radio systems, TETRA networks, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC), and other PMR technologies.

Exhibiting Benefits at PMRExpo

The PMRExpo is a great platform for exhibitors to exhibit their brands, products, and services to a potential and professional audience. To participate we as the most experienced exhibition stand builder in Cologne can provide you with the most attractive design just contact us! But let’s first talk about the key benefits of exhibiting at PMRExpo:

  • Almost 10,000 professional trade visitors are expected to visit the 2023 edition of PMRExpo.
  • The trade show attracts attendees from public safety agencies, first responders, security companies, manufacturing facilities, transportation companies, and other organizations that utilize PMR radio systems.
  • More than 250 exhibitors exhibiting industry-related products and services will be there from 30+ countries around the world.
Trade fair location

Cologne, Germany

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